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G Shock x Blue Notes Colab....

Introducing a collaboration model between G-SHOCK, the watch that continues to drive modern culture the world over, and the world-famous jazz record label Blue Note Records.
The base model is the Bluetooth® equipped G-STEEL GST-B100 chronograph. Chic basic black colouring is accented with the brand colour of Blue Note Records, creating a perfect blend of two iconic world views. The back cover of this model is stamped with the Blue Note Records brand logo inside design in the image of record grooves. A special package also features a distinctive Blue Note Records look.

Blue Note Records was established as a jazz label in New York in 1939 when German immigrant founder Alfred Lion recorded boogie-woogie pianists Albert Ammons and Meade Lux Lewis. Since then Blue Note Records has encompassed various types of jazz, maintaining a position as the most revered and historical jazz label in the world. It has recorded a wide range of well-known musicians and was a major innovator in both music and design.


Carbon Core Guard structure

From GRAVITYMASTER, the tough watch designed for the severe environments faced by pilots comes a new timepiece that delivers an even higher level of toughness through the use of the same carbon and titanium materials found on modern aircraft.

A new shock resistant Carbon Core Guard structure integrates the case and back cover into a single carbon Monocoque unit that protects the module from external shock and makes it possible to eliminate carbon guard parts from the buttons on the sides of the case. The use of carbon material for the bezel and band, and titanium alloy for buttons, button pipes, and components results in a watch that is both structurally tough, lightweight, and resistant to rust. New shock resistant construction. An external structure that capitalizes on the high strength and lightweight characteristics of the material used dramatically improves toughness while also enabling a weight of only 72 grams, making this the lightest model in the GRAVITYMASTER Series.


Why Buy From G Life Watches

G Life is a specialist retailer for all things relating to G Shock, Baby G and Casio watches in Australia. We are an official independent reseller from Casio and have been selling G Shock, Baby G and Casio watched for nearly 20 years and have grown to be one of Australia’s largest independent retailers for G Shock, Baby G and Casio watches online. G Life also specialises in G Shock watch bands, G Shock parts and Casio watch repairs. We also do all Baby G parts, Baby G repairs and Baby G bands. All of our parts, bands and repairs are sourced from Casio and cover all Casio watches including overseas models. G Life is the leading retailer with the latest G Shock watches, Baby G watches and Casio watches available in Australia, with over 700 models in stock and the ability to get many more we are the only stop required for your Casio watches online!


Baby G 25th Anniversary

Now released is the BGD-525, a commemorative reprise of the DW-520, the first BABY-G. The timing comes ahead of December 2019, when Casio will mark the 25th year since the launch of the first BABY-G shock-resistant watch for women.

BABY-G came on the scene in 1994 as the sister brand of its big brother, G-SHOCK. The first model, the DW-520, was based on the concept of “Tough and Cute.” It retained the renowned G-SHOCK shock-resistance, form and design that had won such kudos in street fashion but was built with a smaller case to better fit women’s slimmer wrists. The BABY-G became a particular hit among women in their late teens, helping to secure a place for digital watches in women’s fashion. In 2014, Casio updated the concept to “Tough and Cool” to extend the brand’s appeal to adult women, as well. The brand has continued to grow, as evidenced by the G-MS series, which sports a sophisticated design, and the G-SQUAD lineup, which feature smartphone app integration. As Casio has built upon features and design to diversify the lineup, BABY-G has sold a cumulative total of 40 million units.